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Next Gen Manufacturing IT Software
Opens your door for paperless manufacturing concept for a plant with manual & automatic data acquisition capabilities
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Electronic Operator Shift Logbook
Capture your shift happenings with images/videos for better shift handover and for better historical analysis.
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Analyze Your Manufacturing Data
Effective root cause analysis, Key Performance Indicator tracking will help you to take right decisions at right time.


We help manufacturing plants throughout the world to realize their full potential with the principle of Measure – Act – Control, delivering a world class software for Manufacturing Plant operations.

We are an IT Company with the set of fresh minds combined with eminent subject matter experts developing proprietary software products with the vision of creating paperless manufacturing for manufacturing plant.

What do you get?

Improved Productivity


Tool centric process such as Electronic Log book, Task Assignment, Work Instructions, People & Equipment safety during Equipment failure maintenance process makes All Operators of the company as the best operators.

More Integrity


Effective Integration to ERP systems lead to collaborate effectively inside the organization.

Increased Profitability


By Monitoring Plant Performance KPIs, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles will result in savings by reducing losses by taking on time decisions.

Reduced Loss


Capturing Machines Downtime/Productions/Wastages/Labor Hours/Energy/Emissions automatically and manually leads to calculate the product costing and that leads to the profitability.

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